LTC to United Kingdom – Cheapest Less Than Container Shipping

You have several freight options if you need to ship a heavy load to the United Kingdom from the USA or Canada. It is ideal to select air services for an urgent shipment, as they will deliver your goods quickly.

However, ocean freight can be considered if you’re looking for the cheapest option. Furthermore, you can ship a container to the United Kingdom or less than a container load via ocean freight. Continue reading the article to learn more about LTC shipping, postage rates, and delivery times.

What is LTC Shipping?

Less than container load shipping, commonly known as LCL or LTC, is a type of ocean freight that transports loads that do not fill the entire container. Since there is excess space in a 20ft or 40ft container, other shipments can be grouped into a single container, making LTC shipping a cost-effective option.

How Long Does LTC Shipping to the United Kingdom Take?

Air freight can take up to a week or more to deliver your goods from the US to the UK, but the shipping prices can be slightly high. However, if your shipment requires urgent delivery, air services are preferred. To ship freight to the United Kingdom through cargo ships can easily take up to an entire month. The main factors that determine the transit time of LTC shipping are weather, origin, and destination.

How Much Does LTC Shipping to the United Kingdom Cost?

Ocean freight is considered one of the most affordable freight solutions for your shipping needs. Unlike air services, which can be costly, LCL or groupage shipping provides various services according to your shipment.

Usually, it can cost you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to ship cargo to the United Kingdom from the United States. However, it is important to remember that the prices vary with cargo size and shipping distance.


You can also opt for rail services to ship a load via land from the United Kingdom. Use the shipping calculator to estimate the shipping price to ship less than a truckload to the United Kingdom. Before finalizing any particular service, compare various delivery quotes and select the one that best meets your shipping requirements.