Ship Freight to the United Kingdom – Cheapest & Fastest Way

Before you ship freight to any part of the world, you must know the different services available. Prior knowledge about each service type helps you select the best shipping option. So, continue reading to learn how to ship cargo to the United Kingdom, its postage rates, and delivery times.

Types of Freight

To choose the correct freight service for your shipment, you must first evaluate your goods’ value and quantity. The following is a brief outline of air, ocean, and land freight:

Air Freight

If you have to send an urgent shipment, air freight is undoubtedly the best option, as it offers fast shipping services and on-time delivery of goods. However, air services are slightly more expensive than other freight services but are excellent for small and time-sensitive shipments.

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is another global solution for transporting large loads at affordable prices. It further gives you the option to choose between FCL or LCL. You can ship less than a container to the United Kingdom from Canada through ocean freight.

Land Freight

You can choose land freight services for cost-effective delivery rates and timely services when shipping to nearby locations. This economy-friendly option is further divided into LTL and FTL shipping. Learn more about how to ship less than a truckload to the United Kingdom from the USA.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight to the United Kingdom?

The shipping price varies according to the shipping distance, the shipment’s weight, and the type of service you opt for. Ocean freight to the United Kingdom can cost anywhere from $300-$4000. Use the shipping calculator to estimate the cost of shipping a container to the United Kingdom

How Long Does It Take to Ship Freight to the United Kingdom?

The average transit time for shipping freight from the US to the UK is 30-40 days. This prolonged delivery time is because ocean freight takes longer than air freight. If you’re looking for a quicker delivery of goods, you may opt for air service.


You may also ship from the United Kingdom to anywhere in the world using a freight solution. However, obtain various delivery quotes to get an idea of the price beforehand.